How to tame frizzy hair?


Bring moisture back to your hair with this anti-frizz shampoo. The complex of B Vitamins strengthens and smooths, while fortifying each strand.

Emulsify in the palm of your hand, lather into wet hair and rinse completely. 



This conditioner-treatment is so soft, it could be used daily to maintain hydration and eliminate erratic texture. The cuticle will be left soft and d-frizzed due to Biotin and Keraveg 18.

Palm through the hair to soothe the cuticle for 2-5 minutes and
rinse thoroughly.


Body Building Gel. Use in short hair as a traditional gel, building body with a firm hold, while being light enough to give volume in long hair as a blowout gel.

Hair is left soft and full without any sticky residue.

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