How to remove build up?

ICon Cleansing Purify Shampoo and Cure Replenishing Spray


It’s a vegetable-based and Paraben-free clarifying shampoo, that relieves hair of stubborn build up, chemicals, and environmental stresses.

While many shampoos are formulated to gently cleanse with a higher amount of moisturizers, Purify uses more cleaning agents to wash away unwanted residues and hair pollutants. This formula uses strengthening and humectant blends of proteins and acids to moisturize and increase hair shaft strength and flexibility. Restore health, volume and shine to prepare hair for treatment. Regardless of your routine, styling products, color or masks, Purify is a necessity.

Shampoo hair, rinse and repeat. For the second wash let lather sit on the hair for 2–3 minutes to allow all impurities to leave for pure, primed hair.

Your hair is now ready for its masque, color or chemical treatment.  


Instant Detangling Healing Spray.

Ideal for all hair types, this problem solving treatment detangles, conditions, soothes and softens, leaving hair light and weightless.

Mist throughout the hair, allowing aloe to soothe, and blend of proteins to reconstruct.

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