How to define my curls?

ICON Hydration products alongside mesh moisturizing styling cream and India Curl Cream


Moisture is of the essence. It is the key to keeping our bodies, face, scalp and hair healthy. But, moisturizing isn’t enough; we have to lock in the moisture for real hydration.

The Hydration Regimedy will saturate and drench your hair. Smooth
and seal in the cuticle with shea butter and babassu seed oil, while
promoting flexibility and elasticity into every hair strand.

Find your Hydration Regimedy Products HERE


A gel/cream hybrid. In gel form Mesh enhances and gives structure to your curl, while eliminating frizz. When emulsified into a cream, it will add shape andbody to your blowout.


Take your curl from limp to plump. Create a spiral effect, while fixing fly-aways. This oil based curl enhancer will leave you with bounce and shine.

Apply on wet or dry hair and style as desired.

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