How to create volume?

ICON Antioxidants Fully shampoo, replenishing cream, and remedy next to Texturiz Dry Shampoo Spray


A gluten-free antioxidant shampoo filled with fruit extracts to fight free radicals. Aloe increases moisture and rice proteins plump up the hair, giving maximum body.

Emulsify in your hands, lather into wet hair and rinse.


A treatment that radically changes the hair in 60 seconds, by bringing out its vitality. Restores damaged hair, while adding protection. Acai repairs hair, aloe leaf rebuilds and shea butter moisturizes.

Apply to freshly shampooed hair and leave on for 1-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.


Revitalizing hybrid cream with intelligent technology that creates a link between a treatment and a styling cream. Its 17 ingredients wrap around each strand balancing texture and porosity. 10 of the ingredients work as a treatment; while 7 prepare hair for styling.

Ideal for a foundation prior to adding your styling products, or, use on it’s own as a light-weight styling cream.


Brilliant Spray. Enriches your hair with vitamins, offers thermal protection, eliminates odors and leaves hair with a luxurious shine.

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